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  1. I'd go with the Ravens D. I don't like Goff much at all and the Rams will have to rely on Gurley to get things done.
  2. Yep, and we will beat you again in the playoffs too. 😄
  3. The thing is that DJ Chark has become the main target in Jacksonville. I also like Chris Conley as well. Shepard is the #1 target for Jones.
  4. Like I said the league that I am a part of has a team available. There is a thread in this forum by robin365 called ESPN DYNASTY, Need 1 Replacement Owner. If you are interested just reply with your e-mail and let Robin(Commish) know that Meghan(Me) sent you. My friend wanted the team but she cannot commit to next season. Like I said it is a Dynasty League where we keep 12 of the 17 roter. The team has Russell Wilson, Diggs, Aaron Jones, Davante Adams, DJ Moore. The record isn't good at 3-8 and no chance at the playoffs, but they league is fun and active and competitive.
  5. Cook is the best RB in the trade, but Chubb and Bell is the best combo in the deal. Michel like others have stated having to rely on him as a starter is not good. I would rather have Chubb and Bell.
  6. I think I'd go with DJ Chark.
  7. I'd go with Gabriel for the amount of targets. I also like Gage.
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