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  1. You acting like you discovered fire and the only one to know about this man's twitter?
  2. Heres a video of him walking off before being helped off, i dont think its as bad as it seems
  3. All he literally said was doesnt look good and tweeted out the video as soon as it happened.. i dont think the rockets medical staff even know the severity of the injury
  4. It honestly didnt look as bad as the first one
  5. Rockets Beat writer is going off as much info as we're going off
  6. Didn't know you were the gatekeeper to these threads. I'm allowed to come into any thread and talk as I please. Bold of you to assume what players I have without knowing my team, I do have cousins and I'm not getting excited over a blowout game vs the thunder where Wood hasnt played since the 3rd. Last 2 games with Wood playing, he got 11 and 14 minutes. He got 18 minutes in the Lakers game, which was a blowout.
  7. He's played almost 20 minutes and with wood he usually gets below 15 minutes and drops 4/3 duds, theres nothing to see here
  8. Its a blowout and wood hasnt played since the 3rd
  9. Bledsoe has been feasting the past 3 games..
  10. At the rate hes going he'll be at 20/20 before the 3rd quarter reaches half
  11. Booker's injured it seems so now they're going to have to run it through him while he's out
  12. The mans on course for a 30/15 game and people are still complaining?
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