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  1. Think you have head for someone who will make surely the playoffs in your league Hard to say... maybe someone like Draymond Green If i would be in a good position with a strong team and I would have draymond green , I probably would trade him for De Aaron Fox since Green plays in a tanking team
  2. Lets say he is holdable in a League wirhout IR Spot if you are sure that you will make the playoffs with holding him
  3. Thank you Sir, can`t imagine him playing before 2020 plus it will take time to bring him back into shape
  4. hehe this guy has good defense tough but his arms are out of Wood which means he can`t shoot s--- but hes still a starter in every Team because of his defense and attitude which is just bad if you Play against him but I hate this guy imagine Picking him over Siakam like I did will never listen again to this "experts"
  5. hehe im Maybe not an exper,t but already playing this game for 3 years…. man I don`t know but his injury is not the negligiblest one if you have seen how he hobbled with a Walking aid and we we Play with no IL spot but thanks anyways for the help :)
  6. who knows, Maybe he explodes. He is not that bad, how he is presented here. But I don`t like him that much too tough
  7. Is he worth a hold in Standard cat 12 Team league? Thanks a lot :)
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