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  1. This is about as good as the congressman who voted with the gasmask on getting quarantined.
  2. Lost D Murray and Powell on the same day, add that onto FVV, Embid and Jay Brown and things are not looking good
  3. What does CJ have to do to get an airtime on these forums. Balling for 2 weeks...... nothing. Fighting a 7 footer....... nothing. Come on give this guy some love.
  4. I agree with Sabonis, He has been a nice surprise. I picked up D Murray in the 10th round of my draft. He has produced top 80 Value, so to me this is not a disappointment but not the steal I was hoping it would be.
  5. Wow, you have nobody from your original draft! Mine is a lot more stable Draft Lillard, Embid, Mitchell, Dray Green, McCollum, Sabonis, Hayward, Josh RIchardson, Nance, Jay Brown, Dej Murray, Alex Len, Nurcic Now Lillard, Embuid, Mitchell, Wood, McCollum, Sabonis, Hayward, VanVleet, Powell, Jay Brown, Dej Murray, Chriss, Steph Curry
  6. Israel asks soccer match attendees to self-quarantine From CNN's Sharon Braithwaite Israel's Ministry of Health has asked thousands of people who attended a soccer match in Tel Aviv to self-quarantine as it confirmed 15 cases of coronavirus in the country. In a statement released this morning, the Ministry of Health said a young man who tested positive for coronavirus entered Bloomfield stadium through Gate 8 on Monday to watch a match between Hapoel Tel Aviv and Maccabi Tel Aviv. Anyone who entered the ground through the same gate has been instructed to self-qua
  7. waiting until the MRI before jumping to conclusions. But this was an unpleasant situation to wake up to.
  8. I am thinking of him as around 3rd to 4th round value once he gets back. Mainly because he will likely take some games off and not play late in blowouts. Not expecting him to carry my team but is much better than WW fodder in a 12 team league.
  9. I own both. When I drafted Embid (2nd round for me, which is why I got him), I thought I will either lose or win my league depending on him and his fragile Psyche. If you want to win your league or need to move up to get into your playoffs I would go with Embid and pray he doesn't screw it up. If you are hanging onto a playoff spot then Mitchel will see you through. He is consistent but not as impactful across the board as Embid..
  10. Every five minutes I change my mind on this one so i decided to bring it here. Gasol is on my Wavier Wire. Toronto has a very nice playoff schedule. I am thinking about dropping Noel or Smart for him (I have 2 other Celtics). I am in good shape for the playoffs likely as the two seed. In terms of value for the playoffs would you do this move and which one would you drop. League is 8 Cat Head to head with playoff starting Mar 18. WHIR, leave a link Thanks
  11. Toronto also has one of the best Playoff Schedules 4-3-4-4-2. The extra games can help make up for some lost minutes. One can also speculate on a few rest days for Lowry or FVV. Potential is there for Powell to be useful.
  12. I think so in 10 plus. He has been top 80 all season in current situation. His blocks and decent ft% is a good combo.
  13. I would not be surpised if it is Boston that gets him. He fits their bench scoring need.
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