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  1. Ahhh I would say AD + Paul George side. But Luka is something else this year.
  2. 8 team 8 CAT team is in signature. Got an offer that I feel like would be a pipe dream with the opportunity to have Giannis and KAT on the same time. I wasn't really looking to trade for Giannis but this offer seems so tempting because of the possibility to get Giannis WITHOUT giving up Towns but at the same time I feel like I am giving up a lot. What do you guys think?
  3. 8 Team, 9 CAT. Team is in signature I own Kemba and I've been given two offers that sound really tempting to me both by the same guy. Kemba for Kawhi OR Kemba for Vucevic(INJ) and Roco or Smart. Kawhi's load management is scary and I also have Paul George so I don't really like the idea of having both PG and Kawhi but at the same time, I feel like I could handle Kawhi's load management BECAUSE i'll have PG. I also feel like when it comes to Kemba for Kawhi straight up, I'de be foolish to not take it. The Vucevic offer is also interesting because having vucevic
  4. I own Butler and I am honestly not looking to trade him seeing as I won last week, and am looking pretty comfortable this week, but this other guy in my league really wants Butler and keeps bugging me about him but I honestly feel like he doesn't really have anybody that I want. Is there anything that you guys think I could/should ask from him that would improve my team. My team is in my sig (8 team so teams are pretty stacked lol) His team includes: Bledsoe Donovan Mitchell Ingram Nunn Randle Jarrett Allen J Parker Teague Dragic Fournier
  5. If you can get Embiid for Dame straight up I would take it and run!
  6. Probably Kenrich. He's had some pretty solid numbers past few games and the minutes will definitely be there. Pelicans need that defense badly haha.
  7. This is a crazy amount of injuries just less than four weeks into the season. unbelievable.
  8. If this is being offered to you I would take it. Towns is playing like hes top 3 this year.
  9. Ehh I own KAT and I would say no to that. To me If i'm going to trade KAT, I would be looking for something that won't come with risks(like atleast kemba) since your losing an iron man in KAT especially since Embiid might miss a lot of games later in the year + injury risk.
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