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  1. He's been a really good glue guy recently. I think now is the time to pick him up!
  2. I would go for CP3 if you want some elite AST
  3. I'd keep Oubre and Haliburton, especially for a 16 team league with a bunch of hard to replace roster spots
  4. Would keep Bledsoe cause the Pelicans have a 6 game week this week (at least on Yahoo) Need advice^
  5. Same I'd also go Bey due to the shutdown on Griffin Need advice
  6. Royce has been consistent all season. Although boring, I'd still go for him Need advice
  7. Only one of these guys can stay in my roster cause of players returning from injury. Who should I keep? Thanks WHIR
  8. I hope so because I need his assists badly!
  9. I was offered Bam and Jamal for my Drummond and DeRozan. My build is punt pts and 3s. Should I take this trade? This is a 9 cat h2h league btw. Thanks! WHIR
  10. Only if you need Drummond steals. He also has high TOs btw
  11. So.. he lost loved ones to covid and in the 4 games he played he produced elite stats. If that's not a sign of being able to power through emotional f***ery, then should he play through a severed arm too? Crazy
  12. I'm still holding but he's killing my FG now too! Not like TJ McConnell who offers the same stats without the negative fg
  13. I wanna trade him for Ayton and a mid rounder too just because of the **** situation the wolves are in!
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