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  1. holding him but grabbed tony to see what happens next week. Playoffs next week i'm more looking for Tony to take his job than the other way around. I know tony will produce with minutes, not sure about moses at this point.
  2. That's a tough one, I'd probably hold onto both. Stewarts gonna be a rockier ride in terms of minutes. if plumlee goes down i'd probably drop clarke before moses if it meant picking up Stewart with a clean pathway to minutes
  3. I'm holding him playoffs are in 2 weeks and I just want to see where it goes. If it looks bleek ill drop for someone with a better floor or whoever is hot then. I'm loving what i'm seeing. I'm not going to make any projections like he will be the starter, but I think he'll get an increased share of the minutes as the season progresses - If he continue to play with this level of impact and energy
  4. i roster alot of rookies, but i always tank points. This guy is a gem
  5. I wish he played more minutes with Ty Jerome, not that the other guys aren't capable passers, but outside of Kenrich you're seeing alot let me get my shot off vs let me make a play
  6. Same for me If you can remain optimistic thats enough for me to as well in this case. If hes just a block streamer for me thats legitimately good enough
  7. i have him trae and fvv and still convince myself im not punting fg
  8. 2 weeks from my playoffs ive made the decision that im not dropping this guy. I love an comeback story and im stupid enough to lose this league on that alone
  9. people who don't see what makes Lonzo great haven't played real team basketball before
  10. Shout out to those who left this guy on his IL for this beaut. Best game i never had
  11. I agree I dont see jokic game exactly but theres a creativity and freedom that they share. I think as he refines his game and learns what works and what doesnt he's going to be a really special player. If I was in a dynasty league I'd make sure I was all over him
  12. pretty much have to run to miles bridges at this point
  13. This is as much a developmental year as it is a push for the playoffs. Steve Kerr made that known on his recent Ringer interview. They're middling rn, and if this falls off the rails I wouldn't be surprised to see Curry/Draymond rest days. I'd say Wiseman's going to get an increase workload as the season progresses
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