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  1. Scooping him hopefully hell be at a. Similar form by the fantasy playoffs.
  2. probably bench leader and regular season playmaking depth. I think he's the back up 4-5 and meant for adding playmaking off the bench. Kind of like a 1 way draymond.
  3. I see it as Kevin Porter is now the back up pg. Porter starts in games wall sits out. Houston Keeps losing Wall sits out, Porter becomes the permanent starter. If Oladipo is traded there will be no true on ball creators outside of Wall and Porter. If Wall sits out, Porter gets the keys. Woods an off ball player and gets his shots all within the offense.
  4. I grabbed him on monday. I'll take the L on this week to ensure I have him. I don't now what to expect, but this houston teams going no where fast. I think Wood comes back and they give it an honest shot again, but I don't think that'll matter. We got too many vital pieces missing games for this not to be completely out of it by asb. They said they want him to be the back up pg. So is he the PG on games when Wall is out ? I just want to see what's going on here.
  5. He won't be in NBA shape until April. I'll just keep him on my team until i figure out what's going to happen. Love that he can give me a couple of these games to make his ramp up a lot more tolerable
  6. Look at this Chad. With Warren not coming back anytime soon he should be able to get 25+ minutes ros
  7. Nba wanted zion in the asb they want him in the playoffs too
  8. Whoever is reading this is a better defender than Wagner
  9. He's definitely a luxury stash. If the Nets run away with the first seed it'll be easier for Nash to play and develop him.
  10. best defender on the team. Watch his stuff in college
  11. I'm just waiting for the video of him breakdancing in the pregame huddle like they can't tease us anymore
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