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  1. Remember this is Points! Just want to get a general idea of my team as well as players who can be upgraded/dropped. G : Trae Young, Fred Vanvleet, Lonzo Ball, Dejounte Murray F: Pascal Siakam, Rui Hachimura, Brandon Clarke, Duncan Robinson C : Joel Embiid, Ivica Zubac, Mitchell Robinson, Rudy Gobert I know Zubac is not the best player so I'm looking to drop him off for someone on the wire.
  2. my team is in the signature below, Im punt FT btw. I know I should try to move CJ for Ben Simmons, but the owner of ben is being stingy who else should I try to maneuver for?
  3. I was wondering if Ingles and Barnes are considered drop candidates? More on ingles side tbh, just annoyed with his output as of recent
  4. I'm currently Punting FG BLK RB. With the return of Nurk in the near future as well as Skal finding his strut, I feel like this is such a beneficial trade for me. what do you guys think?
  5. I am trading whiteside for Dlo and Adams. I'm punting blocks and FG's, I can also use a pick up for a hot C with great across the board stats. Is this worth it?
  6. What do you think about offering whiteside for griffin straight up? I know the risk of injury and load management is there, but I think it's not bad at all
  7. Im scared of Griffing tbh, he's a shutdown candidate. However, do you think barnes for lauri is fair?
  8. Hey Guys, Having trouble deciding on who the best PF/C for punt FG and Blocks is? Team is listed below so hopefully it gives you guys a good idea on who I should offer as well, aiming for a 2 for 1 package
  9. If not Nance then who? Punting FG and Blocks (kinda) so wanting a better C who can grab me boards, what about JJJ?
  10. you think trading lamb won't kick me in the a** later on? (Don't know if I can cuss here lol)
  11. I would have to drop somebody for Lamb if I don't end up trading. Is Baynes worth to drop right now? I don't want to miss out value for no reason right
  12. super helpful to this day, hoping we all can benefit from each other!
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