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  1. if its definite that Gus is by himself, I would go with him... but if there are others that backfield has been so hard to figure out.... if its a party then Shepard, he has over 30 targets their last 4 games...
  2. 5-6 Sitting just one spot out of the playoffs .5 PPR Needing help who to play in my lineup, mainly at WR and Flex OB: Murray RB: Jacobs and Sanders WR: WR: TE: Waller Flex: D/ST: Seahawks K: Lutz Bench: QB: Big Ben RB: Mostert, Ahmed, Montgomery WR: Thielen, ARob, Kupp, Cooks, Boyd TE: Engram I would probably go Thielen, ARob, and Kupp (if everything was normal) but Wondering if I should take the risk with Thielen and assume he will play, everything is tough to call because Cooks plays tomorro
  3. .5 PPR Sitting at 4-6 and need to make a late push Who should I put in my flex spot? Cooks, Gurley, Ahmed, or Landry Rest of the bench is A Robinson, Montgomery, Engram all have a Bye... and Big Ben is my other QB QB: Murray RB: Jacobs and Sanders WR: Thielen and Boyd TE: Waller Flex: D/ST: Chargers K: Lutz
  4. .5 PPR Sitting at 3-4.. 7th place in the league... I have one open spot on roster trying to figure out who I should try to add from waivers... Jarvis Landry and Darrell Henderson are both available.... QB: Murray and Tannehill RB: Jacobs, Sanders, Gurley, Montgomery WR: Thielen, A Robinson, Boyd, Lamb, M Brown TE: Waller, Schultz
  5. Currently sitting 2-4... .5 PPR I would receive ARob and Waller for Lockett, Lamb, and H Henry.. Wasn't gonna trade at all but was sent this offer... any advice would be appreciated.. QB: Murray and Tannehill RB: Sanders, Jacobs, Gurley, Montgomery, Gibson WR: Thomas, Lockett, Thielen, Lamb, M Brown TE: Henry and Schultz
  6. I like the trade, you are definitely already solid at WR even trading Jefferson
  7. Wasn't even sure really... being 2-4 is making me think I need to make a move
  8. Wondering if I should make a move for RB, with Sanders going down, or keep the team as it is??.. Was thinking about moving Thomas?? Currently sitting at 2-4 .5 PPR QB: Murray and Big Ben RB: Jacobs, Sanders, Gurley, Montgomery, Gibson WR: Thomas, Thielen, Lockett, Lamb, M Brown TE: Henry, Schultz Thanks in advance
  9. Id say Brown just because Tannehill has been so hot....
  10. I would say Westbrook... with Chark out and matchup..
  11. I like Slayton... especially with his target number.. 38 over the last 4... plus the matchup..
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