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  1. Ravens can struggle against mobile qb’s. This game might get interesting
  2. How many touches do we think he gets? I think bell still did well pts wise in ppr against Miami
  3. James white had a great game last week. Can’t imagine they go to Sony if they commit to the run.
  4. Disagree. 100 yds yes but that’s for all patriots RB. Lots of mouths to feed with white, burkhead and Michel. 40 yds for Michel this weekend.
  5. My concern here is if they go down early the pats will not give Sony the ball. Even if the are in the game Sony have gotten 10-12 touches. Just not enough to win games
  6. Questionable on Yahoo now? What’s going on here
  7. I like josh allen a lot this season I think he'll have a solid 15-18 pts this week. just a matter if you need a solid floor or someone who can provide lots more upside
  8. Except he was terrible in the last game minshew played. Def boom or bust.
  9. Chark is too boom or bust. Hard to tell what he will do this week.
  10. Any updates here? Juicy matchup this week
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