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  1. Don't even remind me. lol. I'm scheduled to work. I was thinking of calling off, but now I may reconsider.
  2. Thanks. I mentioned to someone else in the league that if he were a random person I didn't know personally, I would have just kicked him after he refused to change when I first warned him about it.
  3. Yeah, I made the comment that if I used LM powers to edit my lineups after a game to give my team an advantage I would be (deservedly) raked over the coals, and he would probably be leading the charge. Even though it's "just a game" there's an understanding that all parties involved will play fair in the spirit of the competition. It's just sad that it went to this because up until that point, this was a great league to be a part of.
  4. Thanks for the offer. I'll look into, but I don't know if I'll be able to commit to a dynasty league. I've never done it before. I'll look for the post, though.
  5. I'll have to look into it. I'm new to this site, so I never viewed this as an option in the past.
  6. I hope so. But he'll never change if people keep making excuses for him, and his army of yes men follow his every demand. He probably views himself as a victim.
  7. I agree. And look, I generally stay away from being super competitive. Obviously I play games to win (who doesn't), but I'll be the first to say it's just a game when I lose. But he was cheating to give an unfair advantage. That ruins the game for everyone. I don't understand why people don't see that, and it's impacting one of the biggest things I care about in this world (family). It's so dumb. Why do people have to be this way?
  8. Oh yeah, isn't it great? Granted, there are people that refuse to choose sides over a game, and I'm not giving anyone an ultimatum, but there are definitely people following him like the pied piper. And he's getting mad at the ones that aren't picking a side. Isn't this so stupid? The reward in the league was bragging rights. He's just not used to anyone telling him "no" and then when people do, he does this. And people are actually looking at me like, "You could have handled that better." smh.
  9. By the way, how do you lock rosters? Looks like I'm going to have to go that route.
  10. So, I instituted a light "punishment." I edited his roster as LM, but I didn't add the best available. Just the players he dropped and then I made logical choices at D/ST and K for him. I didn't even lock his roster because I thought he may be a little understanding (this is a friends and family league by the way, and he's my cousin). I even told him that if he truly wanted the players he added in order to get an All-bye team, he would have priority in retrieving them. Sounds reasonable, right? He proceeded by throwing a fit, kicking me from the messenger chat we were all a part of, a
  11. All in all, it looks like a solid team. I imagine the main thing killing you (judging from your roster) is your RBs not really panning out like they should have. Conner dealing with injuries, Sony being underwhelming, Jordan Howard being inconsistent. At least Breida was probably a good value if you acquired him the way most players did.
  12. Man, that's a tough spot. I can never provide the best advice when I don't know what the player pool or opposing teams look like, but I know Conner has been frustrating this season. If you're desperate, you may be able to move him for someone more consistent, especially because he has his injury, and you seem like you need some kind of production now. Maybe get a more consistent RB or a more consistent QB.
  13. Unfortunately for me, leaving this league means leaving fantasy football (unless I want to play in pickup leagues with randoms). I use to have more options, but those leagues have disbanded.
  14. Free to play, 10 team league. Need advice as League Manager. In my league there are currently three teams locked into the playoffs while four other teams fight for the final spot with two weeks left. One guy in our league is winless. He didn't have a good team to start, but he's been goofing off these past few weeks (e.g starting all players on Monday night/night games in general/1:00 games, etc). It's not my thing, and I think it hurts the competition a bit when teams don't have to work hard to earn wins, but it's a free league, so I let it go. Well, this week he play
  15. How many options do you have to where you can afford sitting Amari? He's top 4 in PPR right now.
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