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  1. 10 Team 8 Cat I've solidified a first round bye so my playoffs won't begin until March 23, who has the best ROS outlook? Jaren Jackson Jr - Otto Porter Jr - Mikal Bridges
  2. You're in first go with Wagner and hope for the upside.
  3. Wagner. Not sure if he can always produce but the opportunity is there.
  4. It's close... if you want better percentages go with Hayward, more stocks go with Barton.
  5. Everyone seems to be really high on Melton for whatever reason but go with Murray here.
  6. 10 Team 8 CAT Should I drop someone to pickup Marquese Chriss or Malik Beasley? Potential drops: Steven Adams, Marcus Smart or Reggie Jackson Should I drop one of those players or just hold?
  7. Ingram and Morant for me. Never been a fan of Gallo and his injuries.
  8. You're going to have to drop the return value a bit, maybe try for a Fultz or Bledsoe.
  9. Tough choice, right now I would drop Betans. Ride Norm until he cools off.
  10. Which side do you prefer? 10 Team 8 CAT Jrue Holiday and Bojan Bogdanovic or Paul George and Carmelo Anthony
  11. I'll take LaVine, never like DeRozen and his lack of 3's.
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