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  1. I had to drop Cole because of his injury, but was wondering who provides more value in 9 cat ROS? Punting fg% boards
  2. I agree. Bertans does make me kinda OP on 3s, I'm playin the top 3pt team this week but I just traded Luka for Dame n Ross to get ft% and 3s. I streamed Bertans back onto my team for this week to win 3s but I'm up a lot rn. Best blocks guys are Stewart/Patton or Kleber. Not sure I trust them yet
  3. Yeah nvm, I'm seriously thinking of dropping this guy for Kleber. At least Maxi can bring 1.5 - 2 steals + some damn defensive stats... what you guys think? Bertans, Maxi, Stewart, Patton for short-term and ROS?
  4. lmfao what u think about time lord + one of stewart/patton/kleber? I need one of them to replace bertans imo
  5. I offered Rubio for him today and was rejected, a few days ago I offered Rubio + Time Lord...
  6. any blocks guys besides Patton/Len? lol Whats good with patton going forward? Can he still play 25+ or alongside C Wood? He might be a really good stream
  7. Not droppin this guy ROS. I've had him literally every game except for 3... his totals in those 3 games: 35 points, 19 points, 20 points.
  8. I traded this guy for Kelly Oubre as I'm tryna make the playoffs. What do you guys think about the value I got back? Its a deep league and no one wanted him, we dont have IL+ Thanks
  9. Added this guy for the week, just want like 5ppg and a nice 2 steals/blocks per game and I'll be happy...
  10. I drafted him too, dropped and got him back. He is what he is, I drafted him hoping for 1.5 3s, 7+ dimes, and over 1 SPG... He's been fine for me and in my deep league I've been getting solid offers for him, seeing as he's the starting PG for the remainder of our regular season. Unless you see Culver Okogie or McLaughlin taking the starting job he should be easy top 90 value ROS. My team is a** this year too but Ricky Rubio aint the problem, unless you reached on your pick.
  11. I'd rather keep Dragic, he gonna get steady mins in Miami cuz they're down to bench Nunn when they healthy from what we've seen so far... Bledsoe on the other hand is in the process of losing his job on the team
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