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  1. how can a dude hit 7 3s but have such horrible brutal FT
  2. apparently just tightness, never great when its hamstring but as they were already down 23 hopefully just playing it safe
  3. considering him for the B2B as surely dragic will sit one of those, but the absolutely random DNPCD hes copped this year always makes me nervous it could happen at any random time
  4. Lowry back starting tonight. Should give us an idea of how things are gonna look after this game
  5. Allen and nance back Wednesday I believe and they’ll still want to develop Allen so hart will def be impacted
  6. hmm tough one. nurse said lowry available tomorrow. currently in midst of playoffs and flynn is my streaming spot, not sure if can risk waiting to see how this pans out. surely at least one more game of value as lowry surely will be limited - career best game today surely they find him mins
  7. Man all year I was stoked with the health of lonzo and ingram and then they both just fall apart at fantasy playoff time!
  8. Lowry questionable for this weekend but FVV out. Thinking to stream Flynn for the B2B surely should be ok - as even if Lowry and hood return they surely wouldn’t play both games anyway
  9. with his current restrictions - whats chances of him playing in the B2B?
  10. big line against gobert is a great win and no doubt great for his confidence - building some nice momentum lately
  11. ive been a season long rubio guy and hoping the same considering im now in my playoffs. with beasley out i dont see why they cant play more together - russells a good shooter and rubios a good passer. todays stat line is a basically a dream line for him this season lol
  12. oh dayummmm. hes not leaving my team now! today was the test with wall back and lovin those stats!
  13. questionable with achilles soreness... which with him likely means he misses. second time hes burnt me bad with B2B!
  14. yeh this time of year its make or break - im in playoffs and in a shallow league so he had to go for a streaming spot. those couple of bad games will def put ppl off him
  15. depends on roster makeup, mcdaniels will be fine was just in foul trouble today - so should be good source of 3s and blocks, whereas klove 3s and boards but most likely injured shutdown soon and bertans will mostly just be 3s and will only be handy for as long as rui and beal are out
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