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  1. SGA not being reevaluated for another 2 weeks - lets be honest he aint coming back - someone has to hack the shots & Lu is def gna be one of them, i think the ceiling is very high on this guy as he no longer just has to be a defensive role player
  2. as the guys said and i def know from experience hammys are def not a simple one. if low grade strain min 1-2 weeks at best, and if they have nothing to play for no point in rushing him. as a holmes owner im lucky i can just handcuff whiteside until i can do the switch back
  3. promising first half mins - and lets be honest jones aint gonna be stealing too many. should be good for some short term value espeically against teams with proper centers aka phoenix today with ayton
  4. You’d have to think it’s highly doubtful at this stage
  5. For me - JJJ - I mean cmon to maybe at best get 2-5 games from him for the whole season is an absolute joke whiteside - always a risk but to drop that far was never expected. Truly underlines how far apart fantasy value and real life value can be Rubio - always expected a decline and has somewhat resurrected his value at times second half of year, but with DAR missing so much time he never really stepped up when he had the chance. Victim of circumstance though you’re not gonna be always be awesome in assists with kat/dar missing so much and requiring all these youngsters to
  6. Whitesides knees can’t handle a big workload anyway and Walton clearly isn’t a fan. Jones and whiteside should timeshare though with some small ball lineups as well
  7. haha i was thinking the exact same thing. i dont think he'll get it until later today which is enough time to lose out on someone SMH
  8. when he single handedly blows teams out and costs himself fourth quarter stats lolll.. wowee was in a close battle for 3s in my playoff and he just gave the corporate elbow to my opposition. game.set.match
  9. and here we are again...as a holmes owner im considering handcuffing him (as i did with holmes when i drafted whiteside ironically) but am super nervous with the fact they started jones, play small ball & he seems to always be injured/on restrictions. hopefully doesnt get rested tomorrow and will take a flyer i think, all id really want is a 12/6 with 2 blocks on good fg
  10. I’m wondering same thing last two games have been putrid ironically just after I was feeling a bit better with him from some better form and lines. Seems they have been blown out early last two games but you’d have to wonder old man on a young team would be looking at 20mins
  11. ergh added him for today and had a bad feeling he'd get rested cos of the B2B waste of an add
  12. how can a dude hit 7 3s but have such horrible brutal FT
  13. apparently just tightness, never great when its hamstring but as they were already down 23 hopefully just playing it safe
  14. considering him for the B2B as surely dragic will sit one of those, but the absolutely random DNPCD hes copped this year always makes me nervous it could happen at any random time
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