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  1. Looking forward to what should be reasonable draft value for LJax next season. Was way overdrafted this year - round 2/3 was ridiculous for a position that is always deep. If he is sitting there in like round 7/8 or later next year which is where he should be at least going based off play this season I would consider. Not wasting too much draft capital but has the potential to return something close to that MVP season but obviously also the dud he produced this season.
  2. I agree with you and it seems like an unpopular opinion because everyone loves Frank, especially Adam Gase, but he really isn’t HOF material and anyone using career rushing yards as the main reason for qualification hasn’t really taken everything else into account. The only active rb imo right at this moment that should be in hall of fame is Adrian Peterson. In years to come CMac, Dalvin, Kamara, Henry and Elliott are well under way and I would argue some of these guys are ahead of Gore already based on skill set, receiving skills and gamebreaking plays that all go into the equation of why the
  3. Ballage as I don’t trust Patriots backs and Ballage did get the Lynn stamp of approval. Jets decent against the run but still prefer
  4. Lose a player you draft in the first 2 rounds for all the season is a definite bust for fantasy purposes. Pretty much starting your team from pick 23 if you drafted Barkley. This list is a bit premature anyway because thinking of Barkley he spent most of the first 10 weeks hampered by injury last year to explode in the last month or so of the season. Led me to my biggest money haul last season. Thomas especially has the ability to do that even though hasn’t done anything yet and I do agree he has been a bust to this point but would I rather have Michael Thomas or Barkley on my roster
  5. You could argue that James Robinson in most leagues was a waiver pickup unless you drafted all your leagues in the last few days. Was generally picked up around September 6th through 9th in my leagues and the one league I did grab him I got him September 7th. I’d personally call him waiver pickup of the year. Diggs, Metcalf, Robby, Gibson, Jefferson have been great value for mind.
  6. Barkley has to be given he was pretty much a no.2 pick in most drafts and did absolutely nothing before getting a season ending injury. Non injury related bust definitely Drake as of right now.
  7. Yea Tom Brady generally has been avoiding Evans for what feels like 90 yards of the field until they get down to the 10 yard line or better plus throw Ramsey into the mix who likely will spend a good amount of time on Evans it feels risky. Ordinarily I would play him and have recommended that in a couple of other threads but when leaving options such as Higgins or Robby on the bench it throws up some doubt given their matchups aren’t as rough and have been consistently producing for most of the season.
  8. Both great options this week. I’d lean Herbert as his floor has generally been pretty high since he started and the Jets are obviously great matchup especially for passing.
  9. Herbert based off better schedule and Green Bay does have a few games at home late in the season which always has a chance to be weather affected. Yes Rodgers is the better qb at this stage of their respective careers but have a feeling Herbert has a good end to season in good weather stadiums against moderate opposition
  10. I still feel that Landry will turn it around late season but has done nothing to date so hard to trust. I would lean Marvin Jones
  11. Am 4-6 in a very tightly placed league so this is a must win week. Need to pick 4 WRs from this bunch: Evans vs Rams Godwin vs Rams DJ Chark vs Pittsburgh Higgins vs Washington Robby vs Detroit Jefferson vs Cowboys Lamb vs Vikings Have pretty much put a line through Lamb since play has tapered since Dak injury but the rest all have good reasons to be picked. I guess a good position to be in but has been doing my head in!!
  12. Hardman to the bench easily. Always a chance he has a blowup game but who knows when that will be
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