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  1. I'd definitely go with AJ Brown and Slayton. Michael Gallup and Thielen will also be good plays at the flex. Don't play Parker.
  2. Like I stated yesterday before the game Andrews will be fine and have a good game and I hope you went with him. If you didn't quick pick up Ian Thomas because Greg Olsen is officially out for this week and if things go like they did last week for Thomas he had 10 catches.
  3. With Lockett and Dk Metcalf as WR's in Seattle and also Hollister I see Gordon as a 3rd or maybe even 4th option there. Ian Thomas could be the top TE in Carolina next season and has done fantastic when Olsen has been out this season. I'd go with Thomas as a stash.
  4. Both are a good choice, but I'd go with New England and this is coming from a Ravens fan.
  5. Go with New England. K. Allen, Edelman, and E. Sanders
  6. Change Mack over Bell. Deebo over Pascal. If Jacobs is out Washington over Freeman if Jacobs plays then Pascal over Freeman.
  7. This is coming from a Ravens fan. Go with the Pats D. Ravens D should do well, but the Pats D situation is a juicy one.
  8. I imagine I will know for sure on Sunday sometime before the game when they finally announce it.
  9. I don't think you can go wrong. With Eli playing I think Slayton has a good game. With all the receivers out Laird gets many targets. I would lean towards Slayton though.
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