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  1. Damn it giving him C eligibility means i can’t pick him up now because we have a 3 C cap.
  2. Drop him or Dort in total points scoring not Categories?
  3. TT poked in the eye was the reason. When all 4 plays not sure he is worth having in 10 team leagues. But not worth dropping yet either.
  4. How long do we think Ayton might be out for?
  5. can still be a Terrence Ross off the bench type scorer for sure like he was earlier in the season.
  6. He’s a cut. What do you think will happen when all these guys are playing (which hasn’t happened yet): Kemba, Smart, Tatum, Brown, Hayward, Kanter, Timelord. He’ll be lucky to score at all and won’t be playing in excess of 25 minutes especially with Kanter and Time Lord BOTH being avaliable.
  7. Cutting for Nance. This is the first main example of time lord AND kanter being avaliable. It’ll only get worse when the other wings are back too.
  8. Is Nance worth picking off the WW for Dillion Brooks? just not sure of his PT over the next few weeks if TT or Drummond come back.
  9. When are we thinking he might play? Had Kemba ready to drop onto the IR with Curry back but it looks like he isn’t even coming back for these 2 weeks when my playoffs start?
  10. Not predicted to be starting with Looney back now?? :s
  11. To drop Smart, Millsap or D.Robinson for him to be ready for playoffs in a points league?
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