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  1. get joked for capela turner and Holmes. You lose some blocks but if you keep nurk and ayton and with porzingis return you will have some blocks as well. And do not trade plumlee. he is a terrific fit with jokic
  2. yes for me is an easy accept. Get Davis
  3. wait... in the future you can use this priority for a way better player than this one. Be patient
  4. Fox is good but Ombre is trash. I would ask a different player instead of Oubre. With a better player I would get rid of Kyrie.
  5. Do the trade. Minnesota is too bad and I think they will shutdown Towns if the situation is unclear... and Dame is one of the most solid player in the league.
  6. Just keep Luka and SGA and try to work more in FA. They are both too good to be traded. But of you're willing to do a trade I think the group with Wood, Butler and Beal is the best one.
  7. I Have Westbrook and this is my team holiday-dragic-westbrook wiggins-hunter Lebron-jerami grant Boucher cousins Harrell Adams-Whiteside-TimeLord-Brook Lopez I am very good at Reb,blk,steal, assist and also in fg. Westbrook is destroying my fg and I'm considering trading him. I have received 2 offers that I consider quite interesting -Wesrtrbook for Simmons -Westbrook and a cut candidate (who?) for Morant and Plumlee Both trades allow me not to lose so much in my opinion but the second one gives me some more assist while the first more block
  8. we are in the last year of a 3-year dynasty. There are no more picks to facilitate a trade and nobody wants to make a move. Randle is hated in my league and his value for the other gm is low. In the end I've taken Carter 10 mins ago because Randle is too inconsistent for my team. Carter is not producing too much under Boylen system but he won't hurt me in any stats and has huge upside if the Bulls will fire that ****-coach. Randle is not producing good stats in the worst team in the world and his trade value is also very low. It's a risk I know, but the NY is a mess for every fantasy owner wi
  9. John collins/Moratn. They are young and with a lot more upside and minutes. George is good but Steven Adams is weaker than Collins or morant
  10. Huerter has huge upside but J-rich for fultz is a Good trade for you
  11. And What About Steven Adams for mi Randle? Do you think is a Good fit for NY team
  12. ok but Randle has been awful all season. Wendell Carter has better percentages, bloks and steals upside. Is simply a problem of Boylen sistem. Randle is untradable and NY is a mess
  13. do the deal you have suggetsed. If you have Davis and Harden in the same team you'll win the title
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