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  1. Need active players, league rules and draft time can be changed if you guys want. We can discuss at least. You can write me about everything in the league. Will be fun and competitive league. https://basketball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/nba/228205/invitation?key=445151ceb987e7a5&soc_trk=lnk&ikey=4ac80ce51e72acf3
  2. Picking him up 3rd pick risky or steal? Because i just did.
  3. Dropping Joe Harris for him would be stupid or bold move? 12 team redraft h2h 9cat league. And My Team 7-Towns 18-Ayton 31-Gobert 42-Jrue Holiday 55-Myles Turner 66-Draymond Green 79-Marcus Smart 90-Mikal Bridges 103-Jerami Grant 114-Kemba Walker(IL SPOT) 127-Donte DiVincenzo 138-Joe Harris 151-Spencer Dinwiddie Also Tyrese Haliburton from free agents.
  4. 15 minutes today. I really dont understand why Cleveland plays Tristan and Love about 35 minutes. What a s---y franchise.
  5. Is he really out until February or some guy make an excuse for dropping him so early? Probably will be little longer than 3-4 weeks but February is too much.
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