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  1. When he plays hes a top 75 player. So yes you hold in 12 teams. He doesn't hurt you if he's in your bench especially if you're a team that has played a lot of games thus far
  2. Its safe to say JJJ is not the one imposing these restrictions. Its the organization that is protecting their investment. Its obviously annoying that he's out but attacking him personally is not the wave. As for managers, if he's your win condition then you're going to be in a bit of trouble
  3. Clippers have the luxury of bing able to be overly cautious. I fully expect this to be the last we hear about the bone edima. Other injuries notwithstanding
  4. Nance injured, drummond sitting. Loves path to fantasy value is completely wide open. Should be rostered everywhere
  5. I'm in 11 team 9 cat. I have AD. Was offered Nurkic and Michael Porter Jr. Should I make that trade?
  6. Last night it was evident that boogie has a lot of life left in him. However they will likely ease him in. i do see a world where in about 2-3 weeks he gets 20-25 minutes nightly. Hes a per minute beast and is a must hold
  7. I have Rozier horford in my 9 cat 11 team league. Have been offered aldridge and hardaway Jr. Should I take the deal?
  8. bledsoe needs to work his way iinto this offense and find his touches. i think people shouldnt panic. hes gone on plenty of slumps before. if he strings 2-3 good games together, i will be trading him to the highest bidder however.
  9. im really hoping boogie bounces back this year. picked him up in the 11th round. just need him to be productive on the boards and stocks
  10. Do we think Cousins will get around 25 minutes a game?
  11. i have him fired up. Seems like minutes are beginning to trend up. He provides low end value, however really doesn't hurt you. At this point in the season, id take him over anything volatile sitting on the wire. Washington is in the mix and he should continue to start.
  12. licking my chops at SImmonds going down and Embiids potential to go on a massive run. Only to bump into Zizic.......
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