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  1. It’s the fact that they aren’t more transparent with how he’s doing. Why not list him as out and let him recover πŸ’―. Instead of... probable, doubtful, maybe, maybe not, ok questionable... sike! He’s out.... Hope he does recover πŸ’― percent though. He was developing into a pretty good player this year.
  2. Is this guy playing or not???? Says questionable... Games at 7 est.
  3. This guy is a straight up cheat code... he shouldn't be this nice. But he is.
  4. Allergic to rebounds... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  5. I feel you. I’d rather him be a consistent mid 15 ppr than 2, 19, 2, 30, 13... lol im like drop? Nah, oh good! Shoot, drop now?! Nah, oh thank god I didn’t drop?! Ok now drop??? Lmao the rollercoasters of fantasy...
  6. This. If the coaching staff had any sense of defense mind. This is how the line up should be.
  7. Aaaaand... he's out again Wednesday. 😩
  8. Don't ever disrespect Brian Scalabrine like that again.
  9. Dillon Brooks is shooting so bad right now, even with all his opportunities to shine without Morant. I would buy low on Wiseman here as it seems he's just getting better and more confident with each game that passes. If he can reign in on his fouls, be a little more aggressive on the boards and Kerr to give him more minutes. Just my 2 cents...
  10. Best news about the trade as a Tobias Harris owner. Harden would have killed his value.
  11. Walls value just went up! Great news for us Wall owners here.
  12. All 3 players are pretty ball dominant.. you think his stats are gonna increase w/ KD and Kyrie in the fold???
  13. Double-Double king... if they only gave him more minutes!
  14. Someone dropped him on waivers cause of the slow start and injury... Picked him up second game missed and I am happy!
  15. He seemed less nervous in the garbage minutes. Here's hoping he gets his footing down for the next game. He just needs to be a little bit more confidence in his game. He's too big of a presence inside to be so passive on the post like that.
  16. Whatever they doing... It ain't working!!! Play Reed!!! I need it... 😭
  17. This Jordan Reed experiment did not work out for me.. 😩😩😩
  18. I'm with y'all on this! But hoping for the best for at least till Kittle comes back???
  19. I have the exact same dilemma, but I'm going w/ Cam and hoping I don't regret it... πŸ˜–
  20. Same I was set on sitting him and was good with my lineup. Now I'm confused as heck.. 😩😩
  21. Thanks for the heads up! Kinda hoping they rest him and don't rush him in right now. Also, so I don't have to make the hard decision of benching Gibson.. 😩 Gibson or D-Jax on flex??? πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”
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