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  1. I’m in the last week of my finals game... not sure how I made it at all. But these damn injuries and rest days and maintenance days and the I don’t know why they are sitting out days killed me. This season has been so trash. This whole league just letting everyone rest and sit out on a whim. I can’t take it anymore! Arghhhh!!!!! /rant
  2. I really can’t afford a sit out today Embiid! Already got Brown and Ingram out... ugh... this season is so bad
  3. I hate this guy so bad... I had Christian Wood.. and this dude is outplaying everyone on the Rockets. And my opponent in the finals has him and he's been killing me! Damn you Olynyk!!!!!!!
  4. I feel you bro. But Sabonis was very ball dominant. And brissett seemed to be standing around a lot waiting for the ball to come to him instead of making moves to get opened for it. It was a good run he had though...
  5. Aright... seriously though. He's not even trying to shoot the ball.. 2 for 5 in the fourth quarter? And he's played 33 minutes... smh
  6. Ended up holding him for today. But dropped as soon as lineup locked for MoooooooBaaambaaa!!!
  7. Watch me drop him and he balls out tomorrow... 😩😩😩
  8. He plays tomorrow... but the way he’s been playing.. I’m almost willing to drop for a streamer at this point. What y’all think?
  9. I'm in the first week of a 2 week finals and H. Barnes, J Brown, C. Wood and now B. Ingram from last night are all out.... I'm really hoping RJ can help save me somehow, someway... please keep producing like you have the past 2 games.. pleaaaaase!!!!
  10. Sixers had 4 blowout games... and killed Harris and Embiids minutes... which might hurt me. I need them to ball out today to make it past the first round of playoffs! Make it a close game... please!!!!!
  11. JJJ needs to just sit out. Him being back is impacting JV’s numbers ...
  12. This dude can ball if given the playing time!
  13. Holy crap... I picked up this kid to stream on Thursday cause he had 3 games the rest of the week.... had decent lines till I picked him up... smh. Hope he doesn’t cost me my playoffs 😩😩😩😩
  14. This stat line hurts me so... 😩😔 I hate Casey..
  15. Yeah I ain’t got time for this in my 2nd week of first round playoffs... dropping for Darius Bazley.... lol
  16. Damnit man! JV was killing it, I don't think Jenkins understands how to utilize them both yet. But This is going to hurt my chances of making it out of the first round of playoffs now... sigh
  17. So far I’m not liking this minutes split between JV and JJJ... I feel they are going to canabalize each other’s value now 😔
  18. Lillard is gonna cost me my playoff run with his horrible shooting... what is happening?! 8 for 27?????????!
  19. “He might be ready. But he might not. He should be ok soon. Just not there yet. Maybe some time soon” 😩😩😩
  20. Dropped... only 3 game week. 2nd week of my playoffs. Picked up Hali since he’s starting PG now for the kings. Hopefully this helps me get out of the first round of playoffs... F you Casey!
  21. Why even play plumlee anymore?! I mean... he’s killing it when he’s on the floor. But you’re supposed to be tanking... smh
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