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  1. Which one should I pickup for the rest of this week (and maybe next week)?
  2. I'd go with Poole here because you're activating Curry. They way I think about it is you're just upgrading from Poole to Curry, so its ok to drop Poole here.
  3. Who has a better ROS White or Sato? I'm thinking about dropping one or both for a stream spot/flier, but not sure which. Current team in signature.
  4. The Spurs games are postponed due to positive Covid-19 tests
  5. It's pretty close but I'd go for it. Embiid is going crazy right now, but Bridges is in kind of a slump. I'd try to fish for someone a little hotter than Bridges before accepting the trade, since Siakam and VanVleet are pretty hot themselves.
  6. My league's waivers are hella dry. Should I grab J. Rich with #4 priority or hold out until someone drops a better player? Team below.
  7. I'm currently down 3-6 in my matchup this week and my opponent has no more players playing. I still have 4 players left (Barrett, Garland, LaMelo, Keldon), but I don't think it will be enough to come back. I'm down .006% FG, .014% FT, 11 threes, 43 points, 21 rebounds and I'm only up 1 TO. I need to come back in at least 3 cats for the win. I'm looking at dropping at most two of Jeff Green, Ellington, or Naz Reid to pick up Theis, Trent Jr, Hood, DJJ, IQ, or Birch. The problem is that Green, Reid, and Ellington have all been playing well recently so I don't want to drop them. Any thoughts?
  8. I'd try to sell high on Holmes. Maybe package him with someone who's performance is dependent on their teammates being injured like Parker or Robinson.
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