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  1. no one wants to jinx this guy. Career highs all over the place... Lay low and embrace
  2. some of us can't wait cuz we have animals who lurk over FA and WW 24/7 :)
  3. u were reading that people get salty and angry cus 1st pick who hasn't played half of the season due to serious injury, haven't played 24 instd 18 min. Because of freakin fantasy
  4. I know that they did not bailed on PO. Just that wasn't the quest 1 game and we're on 54% of the season. Cool, if this game eventually is the one that decide their PO spot, I'm gonna think of you real hard, and I will say to myself damn Zion should've played.
  5. Dude hypothetically!! Far fetched scenario sure, but that's not the point. It's not his decision it's only logical decision for any coach. 1 game.. is it gonna change anything? win them PO spot? More hype? What would extra 6min do for him or Pels?
  6. True.. But it doesn't hurt to try. It's only 0 and 1 s With enough effort maybe they'll evolve.. at least some
  7. Yup, I was supposed to mention format of the league.. Still no way Jose he's top 25 in any universe. Well maybe in one where Cs are ranked based on their inactivity
  8. My coach? my precious coach? Dude, Z played 1st game after tough knee injury. Again take your time and think, critically. No rush. Breathing is important. One and 1st game vs Rest Of Season/Career (pessimistic scenario, due to weight knees etc) It's not about Gentry, it's about COACH making sane decision vs random people playing freakin fantasy and wanting "their" player to perform..
  9. What you think is it better to save his body, cuz maybe he has overwhelming desire to show what he can do and he got hot, or to sub him and than have him for ROS and for the next one? I don't ask for speedy answer, take your time, look in crystal ball, ask some psychic, no rush.. p.s. And then, just maybe Gentry doesn't have him in his fantasy team and he don't give a ffffff...
  10. He never was top 25, top 40 maybe but top 25??? No way, Jose.. Blocks are making us value him way more.. Which is kinda logical.. Still, last time that I went with this guy. Actually he regressed this season in Pts, Reb, Blk, FG% FT% So next year expect worse
  11. Spida qtr still < Dame Time but he's getting there currently 10th in league in 4th qtr points
  12. against PHO today.. Another fluke since PHO is gonna play small and Domantas is locked for min due to his production..
  13. they said no min restriction, meaning 25min max
  14. ofc I was just "thinking" aloud. ATL to have 4C is bit too much.
  15. poetl in hawks? very good Len then going to...... somewhere?
  16. 12 team? hm, im not sure, what are the other alternatives?
  17. But he was a fat a** back than. he lost at least 10-15 pounds and got will to actually play the game.. All good now
  18. his freakin arms and shoulder were a horror last game.. NBA needs to make a rule that players must cut their nails..
  19. the thing is his bro was charged for beating his GF. They live in the same building or someth similar, bro was arrested too. This was month or 2 ago or so, it gets in line with that statement.
  20. And that 1 and 1/2 - 2 yrs ago he was a streamer in 16team leagues
  21. FVV is monster when you look his body strength normalized by his size and frame. Dude is legit stater and can change game by himself.. All that with clear lack of physicality.. Comparing to average NBA guard
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