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  1. It appears that Lowry's unfathomable ~36min due to lots of injured players dropped to 28 to 30 min. Raptors squad currently at full health imo so I think Nick Nurse gonna rotate lineups a lot soon. Expect him to play at least 27 min.
  2. Next season concern: Is he worth be drafted around ~60th
  3. Lotta news coming out that hes returning soon. Should I pick him now? Or wait for couple days for his update?
  4. Though I added him, Im bit concerned for following reasons: 1. Hes been beast in g league for several years but couldnt carry that out to NBA level when he got the chance. 2. His 3pt avg in g league is abysmal literally. 0.200 ish. I added him because I got spot for trending guy but if your least performing guy still give you jjredick-ish fpts, I say wait till the end of this week.
  5. I know this is the craziest thought but I wanna see that him playing defense a lot, leading Portland to playoffs, reaching Finals against Giannis, successfully defend Giannis while getting 20 pts per game, win Finals win Final MVP, and see him crying.
  6. 24 minutes thats all I know. One optimism is that he is getting used to his current role and trying to get as much out of those limited time.
  7. Didnt watch the game but how was he looked when he found out his injury?
  8. Like ESPN mentions, he may retain his value even after fvv comes back. His fg% of 489 as a shooting guard is impossible.
  9. Like the haters said, his value just came from playing against Bulls Nuggets and Suns. HES NOT TRENDING UP! DO NOT PICK UP THIS GUY!
  10. I feel the same way you did on the part where teammates refusing to trust this guy. They literally dont wanna give this guy any chance of touching ball, even for rebound. I thought he deserved to be treated better than this on the court but something might happen off the court and ultimately leading to this situation. Verdict: Drop city if you still hold him. Try trade away if counterpart doesnt care about real basketball and look for current fantasy value (almost impossible at this point but give it a try)
  11. I second that. Way hes playing so far cant be done in san antonio system.
  12. To me he's a solid fantasy player in my league. I dont know how other leagues work but he was the best option around free agent pool. Top free agents in our league right now are Enes Kanter, Glenn Robinson III, and Deandre Hunter.
  13. For those who just reached this thread to get some info about melo for your fantasy league, you are in the wrong place. Random person just gave a little push by saying "melo played against Bulls" and everyone's gone mad.
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