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  1. Which side wins on this trade? I would be giving up Beal and PJ Washington.
  2. First year owning Beal and man is it annoying.
  3. Hopefully it's just a quad contusion and nothing more.
  4. It says something about how good Harden is when he scores 30 points and you are disappointed he didn't crack 40
  5. FVV is playing like a second round player as well. Even with Lowry, FVV was putting up very good counting stats. But honestly, thanks for you input! Appreciate it 🙂
  6. I would keep Kemba/Collins/OG I'm not high on DeRozan at all and Gallo is always an injury risk.
  7. Could you elaborate? FVV is arguably doing everything Jrue is doing and Beal is better than Kemba. Also, with Jrue being potentially traded, it could be even murkier for his ROS. Where as Beal, FVV, and Bev are pretty safe best for ROS.
  8. Side 1: Bradley Beal, FVV, Patrick Beverely Side 2: Kemba Walker, Jrue Holiday Which side do you take?
  9. Expecting a nice game from him tonight. If he doesn't perform it's drop city.
  10. With McLemore playing well, things are only going to get murkier when Gordon comes back.
  11. Yeah they talk about how his scoring is either overrated or he's the 2nd best scorer since MJ. He doesn't get anywhere close to the love Doncic or Giannis gets. The fact he's not the favourite for MVP right now should tell you something.
  12. I'll admit, I wasn't the biggest fan of Harden before but I've come to appreciate his game. I can absolutely understand why some people don't like his game but I personally love how smart he is. Also about the MVP talk, I'm actually amazed at how disrespected this guy is. Just look at the KIA MVP ladder. He's 4th and he's putting up almost 40ppg.
  13. I would still hold if you can. He's clearly one of the key players the Hawks want to develop and he can provide all around stats for an end of the bench SG.
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