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  1. What about that game winner? That was so nice to watch. Back2back step back 3s as well.
  2. That's 4 sexy stocks given the opportunity he had. I wouldn't be so greedy after just picking him off the wire again.
  3. For sure, i mean we all knew what Bertans brings to the table, which as you've said is 3s. Essentially, a specialist at that. I wasn't comparing the stocks cause those are what Oubre and RoCo are for, we know that. But I was just talking about the slump in general, nothing more. I get what you mean though.
  4. Got RoCo and Oubre and if those guys can figure it out, surely this so called "laser" can as well. Quite painful to hold but it'd be worth it if he can. Definitely looking at other players for next season though.
  5. Disappointed that this Latvian Laser turned into a water gun. Oh well. Ride that wave boys.
  6. Sometimes may be good, sometimes may be shiiiiii
  7. That's a bit excessive, he's been playing well prior to tonight's bad shooting. Looks like Young and Capela were the only ones who showed up tonight if anything. I wouldn't draft him in the 2nd or 3rd round, probably even 4th if he's still with the Hawks next season, but not DND levels imo. Your call though, obviously.
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