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  1. Im back on this boat. Guess that makes me his bitch. 💦
  2. First time he's ever played for me. The day the trade went through was the day they announced he was gonna have surgery lol. So not complaining at all with the numbers he put up. If anything, IRL, I'd like for this guy to build up on-court chemistry with KAT and Edwards and be in for the playoffs next season. Maybe we can get more efficiency out of him and his assist numbers go up as well.
  3. Of course he plays well 1st game after i finally dropped his butt
  4. Held on for as long as i could. That 20/20 games was insane but not enough for me to keep this guy. Will be waiting for the next pick up candidate and this guy is up next to get cut.
  5. Out of curiosity, when's your trade deadline?
  6. They can give that to their rookie, K.Lewis Jr. But i guess you're right, it is a wait and see. I was almost considering dropping him for N.Noel after the M.Robinson news and the inevitable return of Ball but ended up cutting Diallo (wanted him for the potential of starter minutes) but this guy's too good for that treatment and can shoot better than Diallo imo so let's go boys!
  7. Would love for the Pels to put out an announcement about Bledsoe similar to what OKC did regarding Horford.
  8. He's off to a hot start with 7 of the rockets first 14pts so the fact that Oladipo is gone is showing it's benefits already. Let's see how the rest of the game plays out. Christian Wood also out tonight for the matter.
  9. Surely LMA eats this guy's minutes now right? If Blake wasn't the nail that done it it's gotta be LMA right lol
  10. I agree. Bertans was underwhelming at best overall this season. Completely different from what we witnessed last year. I found the numbers I wanted by dropping this guy for Poole and i haven't looked back and he hasn't been picked up since in both 14 and 16 league teams. I did pick up Ball as well right after what Kupchack said.
  11. Wouldn't even be surprised the slightest but in saying that, it would depend on how he looks when he gets back and what type of performance he'd be bringing to the table especially as they make a run for another title. If he balls out it might convince people to still take him early, same could be said if he misses more and more games and struggles at the same time. So you can say it's a "?" at this stage.
  12. Same. Was riding that championship high and was happy i got him. Thought he might wanna make a run for DPOY seeing as to how he felt like he deserved it last year. But nah. Complete opposite. Not his fault but doesn't mean we cant be disappointed, and that's an understatement. Edit: I had Dame at 6th last year and to go from that iron man of a player to this tissue paper? Man...
  13. You probably already realized this but this is the reason he went and fell to "4th" cause people were anticipating missed games. So knowing what we know now, would you still draft him in the top 3 or even top 5 next season?
  14. M. Plumlee 3-4 FGs 6-8 FTs 12/10/3/4/2 Show some love to this guy!
  15. Picked him up in 14t. Mostly cause im in 2nd and cruise control, another part is cause I've got MPJ and KPJ so OPJ might start playing decent so why not. Team Porter Jr!!
  16. Dropped for Poole. I feel like a new man.
  17. Struggled with early foul trouble, hence the limited minutes but he was playing real good out there. Missing those stocks but i'll take anything from this kid.
  18. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2934811-larry-nance-jr-trade-rumors-76ers-celtics-t-wolves-more-pursuing-cavs-pf Thoughts on if he goes to any other teams like the Wolves?
  19. He's been playing decent-nice these days but word is out that multiple teams are interested in him. How we feelin if he gets shipped to a contending team?
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