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  1. Do you guys think he will be injury managed like this next season? I think Shai is a competitor it's the organization that doesn't want him to play. I would definitely keep in mind what kind of team he has next year before I pick him.
  2. This man is suppose to be an IRON MAN wtf is wrong with him. I am so regret so much getting this guy: for the last 2 month he is giving you 14.4ppg, 7reb, 6ast, 1.5 stl, 0.5blk on 53%FG and 56%FT and 3.3TO He is currently ranked 103 compared to 36 from last year. What a ******** disappointment.
  3. never draft again. I don't know what this guy needs to play better...
  4. I hope you are right. 3 blks in the last few minutes. I will take that ! I only need WCJ to give me 10ish reb and 1blk 1 stl per game... so far it seems to be trending the right direction WCJ should also be able to produce 10+ pts at least
  5. Yes I agree Rob Will looks so good right now. If you don't need pts, 3s, and reb I would take the trade. but Wood can average 2 blks 1 stl a game. Rob Will maybe 2 stl 3 blk as a ceiling. If it's a 14, 16 teamer I would take it ~ but really on the fence
  6. Do you think he can continue his aggression?
  7. I don't mind MPJ coming off the bench. Just give my boy 30mins + like Tyrese Hali !
  8. Yea the issue is that he only gets minutes when Richaun Holmes is in foul trouble. The only time he looked some what promising is when he was getting 20 ish minutes in the beginning of the season. I drafted whiteside in the beginning of the season and end up dropping him and picked up Richaun Holmes from the wire. So glad I made the decision the person who originally drafted Holmes must be kicking himself in the bum.
  9. Thank you all. I do also think Capela is having a monster year one that cannot be easily replicated.
  10. Make the trade and take Towns. However I starting to really dislike KAT because he is no longer an Ironman
  11. Tae Young is 1st round material Ingram is 2nd round Rest are trash... Team 1 WINS
  12. I would take MPJ because I own him and he is amazing. His ceiling for this year is 80% of prime Durant (without ft attempts) However in 12 teams I might consider Brandon Clark + Fournier if you are having depth issues. Fournier is having a good year especially with Issac and Fultz out for the season and Brandon Clarke is playing really well 16/8 ish output with 1stl 1blk. Simple answer is MPJ and hope he gets more minutes cause today's 19 mins got me worried a tiny bit.
  13. Should I accept? Do you see Capela dropping to 12/12/1blk this seasons since there are so many good players on Hawks? Derozan's off position assist is what interests me. Tho with Capela gone my only good big men are Wood and Holmes so it's running thin there.
  14. Should I accept a trade of Derozan for my Son Clint Capela?
  15. MPJ should be back to his productive self next week with 4 games right ? Any concern to start him over Lauri Markkanen (3 games) next week?
  16. I rather him swat 5 a game so he doesn't get sore hand again.
  17. I think Lopez is gaining momentum and Portis is losing value. Unfortunately
  18. I tried to trade him for Giannis and also tried trading him for Rudy Gobert but got rejected. I guess I just i have to ride him for the rest of the season I have a feeling he is going to lead the league in Rebounds and 2nd in Blocks this season !!!
  19. I don't Ayton but I believe in Ayton. Jrue is getting old too, I didn't like this fantasy stat line as a player (I owned him in 2012)
  20. I owned Rondo during or near his prime. That was about the last year Dwight Howard was in Magic. I was able to grab both Dwight Howard and Rondo and both of them while punting FT% won me the league (Howard lead the league in rebounds and blocks while Rondo lead the league in assist and steals while both have s---y FT%) Meanwhile it is a close comparison Simmons is averaging more rebounds and have ability to obtain blocks hence better. But what makes Simmons owner angry is that most of us draft him late 1st to mid 2nd round meanwhile you can obtain a prime rondo in 3rd or 4th
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