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  1. If you can get PG or Bam for those two I’d do it, I don’t trust Siakam right now
  2. I’d probably switch Tatum in my IR with Kyrie and grab a stream option like Batum but Grant is emerging to be a early round talent which makes me hesitate ahaha
  3. Anyone? Tatum is a first rounder but Grant playing like a 2nd and Dipo playing well too
  4. Someone offered Tatum for Grant and Dipo. Who wins?
  5. Damn be looks good again..tempted to drop Burks for him
  6. Stashing him for next week with no IR spots left, his upside on this knicks team is delicious and hopefully Thibs will funnel him minutes
  7. As title says, WHIR I’m punting FT (Have Giannis and Simmons), who wins?
  8. He’s looking good, think we can expect 25min a game from him when Seths back? Assuming Seth will return to start but not sure how it’d look with Shake and Maxey
  9. If you have someone droppable or a stream spot this is a no brainer, grab him he’s going to see a ton of volume this week. I dropped Anthony Edwards personally
  10. Dropped I don’t think he’s worth a roster spot esp for this 2 game week.
  11. Anyone watch his game? Seems to be more efficient,hoping he can put up more peripheral stats soon
  12. Beautiful, 3 and D just like we ordered
  13. So boys what are we doing here holding?
  14. Damn if I’d want him I’d have to drop Edward’s or Eric Gordon...
  15. I have 1 IL spot and Seth just got COVID. Should I drop White to stream/grab Cole Anthony or should I hold and bite the bullet until Curry returns? WHIR as always
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