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  1. Any examples to share? Not disagreeing but would be curious to know who else is in the club of incompetence.
  2. If nothing else please fire Pace and cut Trubisky so we can stop hearing about the single worst draft decision in NFL history.
  3. As I watched those games I said to myself, this is the worst offense I have ever seen in my 30+ years as a bears fan... that has now been confirmed as of today with no remaining doubt. But hey they scored a touchdown today!!!!!!!!
  4. Yeah your defense is getting undressed all night... wouldn’t act too proud about making a conventional tackle
  5. That would first require average level competence at the general manager level.
  6. This and you have no idea how to draft an offense (much less coach one)
  7. Virginia is numb to disgraceful embarrassment on prime time. I doubt she blinks an eye.
  8. I get that you have to start your studs but if the game gets cancelled or moved after Sunday lineups lock then Henry owners are left with a lineup problem. Is the NFL going to give us clarity on the schedule by Sunday morning?
  9. this article gives additional context... I interpret it to mean he is getting a second opinion to ensure he doesn't risk long term injury, not that the first opinion was against playing. Rest up sweet prince, I need you. https://www.tampabay.com/sports/bucs/2019/12/09/jameis-winston-will-see-hand-specialist-about-broken-thumb/
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