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  1. Count on my vote, I like the idea. I'll throw my first one in. Full slate tomorrow, Enes Canter or JJ Redick? 10 team H2H points
  2. Should have mentioned this is h2h. Percentages don't matter thankfully
  3. I have a few trades in for Domantas and I am iffy to get rid of him but I've been reading alot about his sell high value. Should I stick through it or sell and try to use his value to diversify my team? Main trade in: Sabonis + kemba FOR Donovan Mitchell + jokic PG: kemba, Dinwiddie, Lilliard, Jamal Murray, Fultz SG: James harden, josh Hart, Bogdan, Alec Burks, temple SF: Covington, Hachimura PF: sabonis, Portis C: Steven Adams, Brook lopez, Aron Baynes As you can see I'm short on the forward and center catergory and have an influx on guards. If
  4. I have been trying to even out my depth and spread out my pg stock. Current team is below and current trade offers. H2H points 10 team league PG: Kemba, Lillard, Jamal Murray, Dinwiddie, Fultz SG: Harden, Bogdan, Satoransky, Alec Burks, Hardaway SF: Robert Covington PF: Domantas Sabonis, Hachimura, Marquese Chriss 😄 Aron Baynes, Steven Adams, Brooks Lopez Trades: 1. Kemba -> Tobias Harris + Rudy Gay (drop Lopez most likely) 2. Kemba + Robert Covington -> Tobias Harris + Joe Harris I'm a big kemba fan but both these tr
  5. That's why I haven't declined yet. Sabonis is my boy but I'm weak at center and PF. Id be getting even weaker at center but I'd gain extra depth at PF and gain more overall points. 🙃 Also this league is on ESPN so no evaluate sadly.
  6. Should of mentioned we are doing h2h. But thanks guys, I guess I'll hold onto my boy Sabonis 👍🏼
  7. Just got offered this trade and I want to pick your guys' brains. I LOVE Domantas and almost declined but it seems like a decent trade unless I'm missing something. Currently 5-2 sitting at 2nd in my division and before anyone says anything yes I know I'm overkilling PGs 😂🤷🏼‍♂️ no one will make trades in this league Squad: James Harden Kemba Walker Damian Lillard Jamal Murray Domantas Sabonis Bogdan Bogdanovic Steven Adams Marquese Chriss Robert Covington Spencer Dinwiddie Tomas Satoransky Markelle Fultz Alec B
  8. Not a bad pickup, it'd be hard to pass up the 4v2 for sure
  9. 😂😂 This. He's just at the office that's all. That's his work face
  10. Depends on your squad. I personally wouldn't stream him but if you're full on guards 🤷🏼‍♂️
  11. I made the mistake if dropping him a few days ago (I misread a story about him turning down a contract and I decided to stream) and now I'm hoping he floats back to waivers. I won't hold my breathe though
  12. Give him time, he's about to blow up. I'm honestly surprised he has been allowed to float around on waivers
  13. You think he's dropped far enough to stream? I agree he's been iffy lately but yikes
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