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  1. About time lol. Let's see if other teams get it too
  2. Don't know what Lakers were thinking signing this guy so garbage
  3. Imagine drafting this stud and thinking signing Plumlee was a smart move smh
  4. Lol has zero to do with fantasy i dont know every discussion on here that is mentioned. Im a massive Lowry fan he has given blood, sweat and tears to this city and made Raptors relevant again after years of mediocrity, He deserved to dictate his move and go for another playoff run. And what do you call 3 straight days of rest? Will keep happening until he is fully shutdown. He never said he would stay beyond this season all he said was that even if it takes a 1 day contract he will retire a Raptor
  5. So its ok to give Lowry the Horford treatment? He is a franchise legend they should've accommodated him even if it meant giving him away for less than they wanted. He is a UFA and likely walking anyways
  6. Felt so good finally dropping him. Never drafting OKC players again no matter the upside they have a billion picks and might tank next 10 years lol
  7. 100% and come playoff time he's going ham on everyone can't wait to see
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