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  1. How has Stotts survived all these years? Atrocious defensively and pathetic offensive playcalls
  2. Kanter just went to the locker also with a possible concussion
  3. Anyone use alternatives to yahoo? 3 fcuking games Turner been out no IL tag. They messed up stats with hockey it's been a sh** show just as playoffs arrive
  4. lol expected back Wednesday but who knows if he's even alive
  5. Conditioning should still be good and he hasn't been ruled out for season 🙏
  6. Wall is a franchise killer man. Dudes clearly hurt but thinks he's winning mvp and won't sit
  7. Shouldn't that donkey TT aid in his development? If we're blaming matchups it just proves how useless TT is
  8. Hold and see. Love could be shutdown and Allen/Nance have no timetable
  9. Dudley recently said he's been doing on court work and will be ramping up this week. Fantasy labs also said he could return in 10-14 days
  10. Thomson had 3 quick ones and was minus 11 his first 4 minutes yet kept playing
  11. 100% smashed Stevens wife no other explanation. No matter how garbage TT is he will play more
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