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  1. Solid top 40 Would be very tempting sell. Otherwise, ride this out. It’s been fun to watch. Scary Terry just had a 🐐 game
  2. Like above comments say, I’d hold Booker for a little while longer. It being a 16 team league, though, makes it more enticing to take the trade. I’d hold for maybe another week
  3. Not accustomed to H2H leagues. From points league perspective I’d go with Team1
  4. I agree w your decision to grab garland. It’s pretty much a tossup for me to be honest but garland would probably be more fun to own
  5. Thanks for the input guys. Got another offer of Steph? Is it still better to hold vuc?
  6. I definetly like the ceiling of beal... is it too much of a risk considering a good chance of beal being traded or sitting out games if washington continues to tank?
  7. 100% keep capela. He’s just adjusting to new team environment and still averaging good numbers and just now starting to heat up
  8. not super familiar in builds for 9-cat. From a points league perspective I'd say its definitley worth taking a stab at grabbing love. I'd then drop williams
  9. 8 team points Bouch for Siakim straight up. What are yall thoughtts?
  10. Thanks for the response dude. What do u think about Vuc + Conley instead?
  11. 8 team points league guy with AD has shown interest in a 2 for 1. What are your thoughts on either Vuc + Lowry for AD ? Or PG + Lowry for AD? Would I be giving up too much?
  12. Suns offends not even close to running through ayton even w their current success and Jimmy’s been inconsistent. PG is hugely underrated rn I would stick with Pg
  13. Potentially depends on your build but Westbrook is still generally a solid top 25 guy
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