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  1. IMO it is Blake Griffin who de-values every player, especially guards in Detroit. A power forward who haven't dunk this season (literally), no rebound threat in the offensive end but sucking up all easy defensive rebounds, a player who throws 30ish from everywhere and yet hes the second highest usg rate in the team. Delon Wright, Killian Hayes... who's gonna be starting PG? it doesnt matter. As long as Blake is not playing on the court, their value will rise high enough to keep and hold in every fantasy league.
  2. He was slow starter last season and this season as well. His last season's first 11 games his FG% was barely 0.400. Once he found his rhythm, his FG% was over 0.500 with 3PFG% 0.422. This season seems to be identical of last year. It is really up to you whether selling him or not, but I'm pretty sure you can sell high any time from now on.
  3. Here is what I do. If I find any rumor, literally any rumor of him being traded to teams like Nets or Wizards, I'll immediately pick him up.
  4. Where is he now? I don't hear any news about this guy ever since he got traded to HOU.
  5. Hes good to keep in 12 league even when all of them are playing.
  6. MPJ is coming back soon. Drop him or keep him in 12 league?
  7. outta curiosity, would RoLo be better player in fantasy pov than bagley? bc in our league both are available for pickup.
  8. Out of curiosity, why is he not getting enough minutes even before KAT returns? I didn't watch the Wolves' game ever since I picked him up from ww but his minutes seem to be decreasing regardless of his contribution.
  9. This guy returned to what he was in early of this season. I really wanna just drop him but i cant spot any decent one in FA pool...
  10. - Increased timeshare due to heavily injured frontcourt - Increased load on defense due to same reason leading to - Reduced energy on offense - Reduced efficiency on FG% I guess this would be general evaluation on current Bertans situation? I mean he plays like SF recently and this allows him to play more offensively. It is sad coincident that his offensive contribution starts to go up and down as Thomas Bryant, Moritz Wagner, Hachimura and other frontcourt members one by one injured out. And finally today, when that Latvian center left cou
  11. I wonder what happen if he goes to GS next year. Thompson-caliber 3 pointer threat, bit harder to defend because of height, knows how to protect the rim (his 7 days stats are getting better not just score wise but also stocks).
  12. I understand the haters perplexing over the weeks and let me tell you this. His defensive effort is jaw-dropping recently. When you just looked at his number, you might think that this is fluke. However, your thought may change as you watch his most recent games. I'm not saying he is Kawhi or any defensive guru in NBA, but right now hes one of the most defensively contributing player in Portland.
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