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  1. Thanx that is the way I am leaning even though I already have Fitz and Gesicki in my lineup.
  2. The thing is if you are not going to play them this week and you are not in a very deep keeper league there is no reason in the world to pick up Perriman or AJ Brown. This is the last week. You are playing for the Championship this week so you are going BOOM or BUST. That is why you go for the best match up or BOOM!!!! Like Perriman. I would go out and get him and see if he can win you that Championship over those CMC and Lamar. You can go with Sutton and a tougher match up and he gets shut down. Also he has Drew Lock throwing to him while Perriman has Jameis Winston throwing to him who has be
  3. I have one decision to make to finalize my roster for the Championship game this upcoming weekend. It is with my 2nd flex position. I currently have Kenny Golladay who kind of laid an egg last week and I do not like his match up this week against the Broncos. I am thinking of picking up Patrick Laird and putting him in at that spot. My league is a full point PPR league. My current roster for the game is: QB: Fitzpatrick RB: Saquon & Chubb WR: Cooper & AROB TE: Gesicki Flex 1: Metcalf Flex 2: Golladay or Laird D/ST: New England K: Butker
  4. McLaurin is a definite. I really like Miller this week. The safer play is Thielen so play him, but Miller could outscore him.
  5. I agree Jones is a definite. I would also go with Kupp because he is the more for sure guy, but Miller could have a really good game as well.
  6. Don't mess with your lineup it looks good. It is going to be a close match up with your opponent having CMC and Ingram and Brees, but Jimmy Graham could be a big dud for him.
  7. I would go Mostert at Flex and Mattison or Boone for Cook if he doesn't play.
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