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  1. Thank you to everyone who took the time to give input! I did end up changing Waller out for Andrews and have the championship locked, even with Chris Carson injury and Boone yet play. Yay!
  2. To throw one more loop in, I can play both by putting the other into FLEX but am leaning toward Boone there. With Miles having a later game, what I am thinking is playing Mack then looking at where I am at after the 1:00p games play out to see how I am sitting next to my opponent. Thoughts?
  3. Full point PPR. I am projected to win, but as you know, it’s early. Marlon Mack scares the hell out of me, but great match-up. Miles Sanders has been the man lately. Though projected to do well again, Fantasy Now commentators are thinking he may split with Boston Scott. They have me questioning myself now on choosing him.
  4. Are you projected to win? Close one? The Vikings have wrapped up playoff spot, so wouldnt make sense for them to play Mattison if injured. 🧐
  5. I am going with M Sanders, Waller, Perriman and Boone. I think..aye! I love Mack’s matchup but my gut just doesn’t trust him. May be a dumb move, but I just can’t bring myself to do it.
  6. Full PPR Pick Two. I am the projected favorite so I don’t necessarily need to shoot for the moon, just a solid showing.
  7. Full disclosure, you don’t want me to help in return. This is my first year and was a way to bond with my husband and give me a vested interest in football. It has worked and I love it! Somehow, through lots of researching and playing catch up, I have found myself in the finals 🤭 Someday, when I can add value, I promise the help in return. Full PPR RB: Chris Carson {Pick one more} Mostert Cohen Mack M Sanders Boone TE: Waller or Andrews? WR: Michael Thomas {Pick one more} Gallup Perriman S Shepard
  8. What’s the consensus? Are we trusting him this week? Play him last week, but fortunate the rest of my team went off.
  9. What do you see for Sanders if Howard plays? Sure sit or has he carved himself a spot?
  10. Question for all: Did you pick him up to play or a bench stash?
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