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  1. Murray just pulled up lame with either a knee or quad injury it looks like.
  2. Bamba has more upside than Carter in my opinion but he doesn't have much experience. He could get in to a lot of foul trouble at times. It could get crazy with some of the defensive stats he could put up along with shooting threes.
  3. Personally, I think Bamba has more upside than Carter. Whether he can put it together just like Carter is the question.
  4. Yeah, a lot of ridiculousness across these boards on certain players. I'm not sure who they were waiving him for. It's pretty hard to get those defensive stats. Worrying about his shooting percentage and points to me didn't make sense. He's low volume in those areas. I agree it is frustrating but he's proven for those 3D stats and he's still dependable for what you get him for. This site even had at least one writer give up and say it's ok to waive him.
  5. I'm actually surprised this thread is five pages and counting.
  6. I want to drop him after what's happened to his playing time, but I get the feeling he's going to get the run after the trade deadline. I just don't see why the Rockets will continue to play Oladipo major minutes if at all if they don't trade him or other. I don't see Wall getting traded but I don't see him playing a lot after the deadline. I think the opportunity will be there. Another thing I think may have been happening with playing time with these guys back from injury is that Houston is trying to actually get a win at all cost to end the losing streak they are on. Wood was suppose
  7. Maybe because they are going for a championship and may end up picking up another player like a center in a trade or someone who gets bought out.
  8. My first time watching him today. I was not impressed. He looks very raw to me. I think he could be a foul magnet. I thought the referees could have called him on multiple moving screens in addition. At the same time, OKC is in tank mode. He's tall and looks to have opportunity for all the minutes he can handle.
  9. I'm not sure who on that team yesterday besides him was supposed to take the most shots, He played 38 minutes. He's 20 years old and barely has played in the NBA putting up numbers shooting 44% right now. Don't think he's going to be shooting 50% and not expecting it. He's shooting better than Wall and Oladipo in a small sample size. He has a much better opportunity than he had in Cleveland right now. With Wood and some of the other players playing he could actually be more efficient.
  10. The guy is super athletic and seems more scorer than shooter. That could always change though. It will be interesting to see what will happen with his minutes and touches when Towns and Culver return.
  11. That has been their closing group for any close game for quite a while. Besides his horrific free throw shooting, I actually think he has improved some in the last few weeks. He seems to be a slow learner and I'm not sure if he will ever get it. I'm not sure if the drive is there. Usually left handers are better shooters than that. Besides the negatives, I believe Sacramento wants to give him every chance to succeed. He has more upside than what is left on the bench to replace him. Will it happen this year or ever? I have no clue. With some extra effort and understanding, he should be a
  12. Some of the members and I talked about his history of inconsistency and minutes and other things while he heated up, but many of those posts got drowned out by people who think they made the steal of free agency or the draft. He could still come back to life and I'm sure he will in some form. He was playing out of his mind though so I would lower expectations at least some. I have been picking him up the last two seasons prior thinking his time was coming. The stretch he had was pretty amazing.
  13. I'm expecting his minutes to become up and down with Love returning. Nance has probably been the most consistent this season than he has ever been, but he has a history of injury and inconsistency. It could get ugly, but at the same time, I don't think Love can stay healthy either so I think the threat won't be that long whether he is traded or not. I've been a long time owner of him in quite a few leagues and he finally has been paying off this season, but I'm being realistic at the same time that he could fall off a cliff too for a variety of reasons. The potential trades of Love and Drumm
  14. Right now prefer Quickley to continue to come off the bench. Barrett and especially Randle get too much free reign to do whatever they want on offense and he defers to them. They're play is not very good basketball. Not talking fantasy but real basketball. It's great to see him finish close games though even though it's with them, it shows the confidence of the coach. I think it's a bad pairing to play too many minutes with those two currently fantasy wise and basketball wise. Obviously he can't avoid playing with those guys, but I believe he will develop better if he's the lead ball
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