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  1. Sorry, didn't know what that term meant Thanks for clarification, much appreciated
  2. I'm having second thoughts about dropping Deandre Jordan for this guy. Deandre became only center in Brooklyn, but had a stinker in last game. Quickley is feasting but I don't know if he can continue this when Burks comes back. Would you guys drop Jordan for him?
  3. Thank you guys for your insights. Think I'll go with the better upside guy and that is most definitely Boucher.
  4. I'm contemplating dropping Bagley for Boucher, just wanted to know what would you guys do? I'm just afraid thay Bagley might be fully unleashed with minuted in 30s and become a DD on nightly basis, but on the other hand he hasn't got that blocks potential that Boucher has. Also, I don't know if Boucher can give me consistently 8-10 rebounds per game
  5. Would you guys drop him for Boucher? I'm afraid that he will get more minutes in future and turn into DD machine. But Boucher has awsome potential too
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