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  1. The photo of the scoring is too large to post here... email me at ryan.ritchey.13@gmail.com and I will send it over to you! @Mattrichards5 @blurred
  2. The draft will be a slow snake draft. League will use H2H daily points scoring.
  3. Looking for 10 owners to fill a start up 30-team league that will use real life contracts and salaries. $75 entry and will use FanTrax for the league along with proboards and a spreadsheet Looking to fill by the weekend and start the draft shortly after. This league is based off another 30-team league that I run using MLB team names. This one will use Triple-A team names and use the same exact rule set. The MLB version has had success and a lot of interest to join but no openings, so starting this one to allow others to enjoy the most realistic league I have ever seen. Here a
  4. 9 spots open for new 32-team (two copy) dynasty league using real-life contracts and salaries with IDP. It will be held on FanTrax. Just locking spots right now... will create FanTrax closer to draft. Looking for the slow-draft to begin at the end of January and finish in plenty of time to have free agency and then the amateur draft. Have a great core of owners that also play in MLB and NBA leagues that mirror this one. This is just the fantasy trifecta. Here is the constitution: https://docs.google.com/document/d/11xrgDiz8dgxyliKwNYavuyKm2dURLS8LLHGVEdQQjdo/edit?usp=sharing S
  5. No issue at all. You have to be in your first one at some point. email me: ryan.ritchey.13@gmail.com
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