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  1. Wait for game results later. But if there is a compelling add with a 4-4 schedule the following 2 weeks. Go for it. It's a silly season. Injuries happen everywhere=pick ups appear everywhere.
  2. Picked him up. With Broggy done and Dipo not playing the way he used to, I expect Aaron to step up. Big time.
  3. Nurk. But wait for the Blazers; seems they are really willing to trade away Whiteside.
  4. What's wrong with the Knicks? Are they just shopping other bigs?
  5. I think he's gonna have 30+ minutes sooner rather than later. Also hoping for the 3s. Spurs need to stay competitive.
  6. Would rather drop huerter for white. Keep fultz for a while.
  7. He trying to steal the Dud of the Year from Mike Conley?
  8. Stay with the red velvet. I dropped Huerter when Conley last played. Huerter played better and Conley reijured himself. I regret it, big time.
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