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  1. Looking for good people. Contact me at yardofwar.football@gmail.com
  2. Looking for good, genuine, and competitive people to join a one of a kind fantasy football experience. The Yard of War "YOW" League will be the first professional fantasy football league to successfully establish itself as the NFL of the fantasy football world. This league will be revolutionary in the way we view fantasy football. Our goal is to take it from a game to a competition of sport. Platform: Sleeper League Fees (year 1): The league fee is $200 per team. Winning Payouts: *League Fees and Payouts through Leaguesafe Champion: $1000 2nd: $600 3rd: $200 Division Champion $105 (2 div champs $210 total) Weekly MVP (highest scoring team of the week) $30 per week ($390 total) website: https://yardofwarfootball.wixsite.com/website For league rules/settings, interest in buying a team, and or general questions. Contact me at yardofwar.football@gmail.com
  3. Everyone will Not immediately grasp the vision of the importance and impact of a professional fantasy football league. I'll revise and repost. Thank you.
  4. Thank you for your interest. Contact me for more information.
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