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  1. Please email VarneyDfs@gmail.com - hd a member that can’t make it to draft and looking for replacement. League is $100 per and pays out 700/300. first come - first serve through email. Thanks a lot
  2. Hey guys, have a 10-man .5 PPR league scheduled to run tonight. $100 entry, 700/300 payout - No K’s or D/ST Would love to get this filled tonight Please email section5sportss@gmail.com with interest first come - first serve!
  3. Hey guys, looking to fill this open hole in our dynasty league. Is $250 per spot. Team is very good. Please email larkinjasonlarkin@gmail.com if interested or if you have any questions
  4. Please email section5sportss@gmail.com or message me on Twitter @VarneyDFS - Runs on FanTrax - draft begins at 7:30 EST tonight 10-man, SF with no K or D/ST first to email gets the spot
  5. $100 per head and runs on FanTrax with SuperFlex 0.5 PPR - No K’s or D/ST PLEASE EMAIL section5sportss@gmail.com First to email gets the spot note the 2 s’s on the end of sports.
  6. Will be run on FanTrax - 10-man league 5x5 with OBP instead of AVG and QS instead of W $100 per person - $700/$300 payout - Draft is Thursday night at 7:30 EST Please email section5sportss@gmail.com with interest first come - first serve
  7. Am looking to fill this league that is scheduled to draft Friday. We need just one more spot filled. 10-man, SuperFlex, 0.5 PPR, no Kickers or D/ST If you have any questions, email me at section5sportss@gmail.com
  8. Hey guys, have just one spot left and would love to get this filled so we can draft on our scheduled date (Friday). league is 10-man, on FanTrax, .5 PPR, SuperFlex - Please email me at varneydfs@gmail.com if you have interest. First one to send the email gets the spot.
  9. 10-man, $100 per startup dynasty on FanTrax. PLEASE only commit if you plan on staying past this season. My goal is to have a booming dynasty league, so ignore if you plan on disappearing. Superflex, .5 PPR Please email varneydfs@gmail.com with any interest - draft is this Friday and we’re just looking to fill the last spot. first come, first serve -
  10. Hey guys, draft is going to be at 7 PM EST on Sunday night. I’m looking to fill these last two spots and want to make sure we can draft on schedule. please email varneydfs@gmail.com or DM me on Twitter @VarneyDFS I am a writer for Awesemo, and will be keeping track of the league on Twitter. Please only join if you intend to participate.
  11. Will be run on FanTrax - Draft is scheduled for tomorrow night! We just need to find the last two members. This is a startup dynasty league, so please only join if you plan on making the commitment. email me at varneydfs@gmail.com or on Twitter @VarneyDFS -
  12. Hey guys, 1 non-payer and draft is tonight. ESPN, .5 PPR - 2 QB, 2 FLEX Email varneydfs@gmail.com if interested
  13. Guys, have 1 non-payer and we are looking to run this draft tonight. League has been full, but one bad apple. ESPN, 10-man, 5x5 Please email varneydfs@gmail.com if interested.
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