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  1. I think he wants to play with Kyrie, and they also want to play with a new coach. The season is very much over, I think they may play 10 exhb games and go straight into playoffs.
  2. any update on when Conley comes back? still not seeing a date on espn fantasy
  3. 4/5 FG with 2 3pters lets not jinx it !!!! *flex*
  4. F you too Leonardo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD I'm a prophet and I know it ~
  5. Raptors should send Lowry for Holmes and first round picks STEAL STEAL STEAL !
  6. Hey he came back 1 game before my prediction (SAT against TOR). Can I be a prophet ? GIMMI SOME LIKES
  7. If this rumor is true it make sense for KAT to sit while showcasing Lord Covington and Dieng. Ahhhhhhh
  8. Note to self: Never ever pick up a Knicks player again
  9. Many sources say that ATL will not give real assets for Drummond. Only willing to relieve cap space for Detroit.
  10. Don't care if you miss those 2s... just make 2 3pters haha
  11. I heard on podcast that Divac does not have a high opinion on Luka's father. Even tho Divac and Luka's father are both Serbian he decide to not draft Luka... what a mistake
  12. Thanks, I knew it was Divac, I didn't know he played for the Lakers. I had to basketball reference it. Nice nice ~ I mostly knew him from that amazing King's days ~ and that play I remember until now how he defended Shaq knocked the rebound outside the 3pt line only for Robert Horry to drain a 3pter.
  13. I offered KAT for Lebron and he won't accept it haha... A healthy KAT is a tier better than Lebron. Lebron hurts your FT% he shoots a lot and miss alot with his muscle arms, gets a lot TO, but is the best passing forward in the league. I would trade KAT for Lebron now... with no insurance on when KAT will return. However if we know our savior will return on 18th as I predicted then I would keep KAT
  14. who is the laker in your avatar ? I am a Raptor fan too since that year Demar Lowry won against the Heat (with whiteside), raptor only had 10% chance of winning that series. Before this I was a Nash Suns fan
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