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  1. pretty sure he hit cleanup last night, in a lineup of mostly starters. I'm on board.
  2. I traded Cody Bellinger THE DAY he got called up for Carlos Martinez. I really thought I suckered that guy...
  3. Wow these rankings are bold as hell. Laureano is the No. 13 OF overall? Boggio over Ketel Marte and Torres? This guy has the good weed.
  4. My new team name for this year "Eloytric Light Orchestra". Its a tribute to one of our friends that died. His Fantasy football team name was "Electric Football Orchestra". RIP Max
  5. I'm so salty, I had a 2b eligible Moncada, and RP eligible Glasnow and Woodruff. I made like 5 trades based on what ESPN rolled out last week.
  6. Yandy is one of my favorite players. When he was healthy last season, he was getting as many at bats as anyone on the team. He hit leadoff vs. lefties and 3 or 4 against righties. I think everyone is worried about playing time, but they shouldn't be.
  7. Buys: Seager, Meadows, Eloy, Conforto, Benintendi, Paddack, Giolito, Glasnow, Yandy Diaz, Olson Fade: Baez, Blackmon, Morton, Voit, Hunter Dozier, Soler, Mondesi, the entire Reds pitching staff
  8. Are you guys worried about the return of Sal Perez, and him eating up ABs at DH? Is Soler a solid enough defender to play RF every day?
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