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  1. I slept on Otto as well.Super efficient shooting 60% from the field & 3 and career he's around 50% so not far off his averages. Would've had a bigger game without the 20 min limit. Bulls in the hunt 2 games out the 8th spot in the East too. Good pickup to those who scooped
  2. What was not to like about Conley’s performance last night? First start since the injury played 30 min w/ no set backs, scored 20pts on 45% FG(same as Kawhi) w 4 3pt. Solid line. He’s ramping it up. I’d add him to watch list in 12-team and under but would grab in 14 or 16 team. Grizz 4-3 since Conley came back and he hasn’t passed 20 min before tonight how can you blame a bench player for losses lol
  3. This guy. Lol dropped him in my 16-teamer maybe 2 weeks ago and surprised he’s strung together three good games. He’s toxic. Lol Not gonna hate applaud for holding and wish owners the best. WAS (30th) and SAS (21st) are ranked bottom 10 in points allowed though.
  4. I was lucky enough to be at the game last night and even though not a great game just watching Kyrie play is amazing. Hopefully the injury isn’t too bad - it didn’t look like much in person but the replay is tough. Gotta be frustrating to own in fantasy but he’s a hell of a talent. Maybe he’ll push to make it back for the all star festivities
  5. A bench role may not necessarily be a bad thing for Conley, especially with the pick up of Clarkson. Mitchell should continue to run the offense he’s had success with in the past. I think you may try to integrate Conley in the starting 5 and see what happens, but “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Hard to argue against an offense who’s won 14 of their last 15 games scoring over 100 in each including 8 straight wins sitting at 4th in the West.
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