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  1. I have him in both dynasty leagues. Only problem is I have other Marlins pitchers too. Miami has too many young pitchers lol Lopez, Rogers, Luzardo, Alcantara, Meyer, Hernandez, Sixto, Cabrera. In 1 league I also have Lopez and Sixto. The other league I also have Meyer and Cabrera. Not all of them will pan out lol
  2. If y'all had Nolan in a dynasty league and was offered Rodon for him, would you pull the trigger?
  3. Meh, I'm mulling it. I don't really need AD and I'm always worried about his injuries and he's having a down year as is. But I might end up saying eff it and taking the deal and hoping AD goes back to normal. because it's hard to pass up
  4. Someone in my league is offering me AD for SGA & Valanciunas 🤔
  5. About time this guy came alive. Having a hell of a game tonight
  6. Should have traded him, now his stock is going to take a huge hit and I'm definitely not going to be able to get much. Gambled and lost here
  7. Looked pretty good in limited action. Played 25 minutes which is more than I expected in his 1st game back (was reported to be in line for 15-20 minutes). Have him on IL in both my leagues, deciding what I'm going to do with him. Wanted to drop him, but I have a feeling he'll have a post ASG breakout
  8. He's back and playing well, but now I'm debating whether to trade him now. Or keep him and risk: 1) Him getting traded and watching his stock plummet. 2) The Knicks keeping him but decreasing his role post deadline, which would also plummet his value
  9. I traded him and Love for KAT right before he got hurt. I still haven't played KAT 1 single game yet 😑
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