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  1. This is like listening to Marc Gasols baby momma argue with his new girlfriend.
  2. I think ingram will lose FGA and rebs but thats about it.
  3. I mean just the last game was rough and he logged a back to back with the latter being 37 minutes. two previous games he shot super well. Just give him some time to get back into the groove of things.
  4. I dont think Kyrie will bitch out for awhile. You have to keep him.
  5. Colin Sexton is awful. Hes got the lowest IQ in the league. I hate watching him play the point guard position so obliviously. Roster Nunn in a 12 team, he got back to back 30 minute games, hell be involved more again.
  6. Agreed, were left hanging. The knees are super tricky, especially for basketball movements. Bilateral soreness, pain on both sides, im sure luke doesnt want to risk a ligament tear. Just keep him on your watchlist and check his updates until something reasonable pops up.
  7. Giving up lowry for aldridge? Not something I would do! I think theres much more value in Lowry. Plus I wouldnt wanna make him mad:
  8. In my league, the wire is super dry, what I would get in return wouldnt really justify the drop. I think the biggest detriment to his value has been the return of E Gordon. taking all his shots smh
  9. Im the same, Im going to hold on unless i need something drastic. His minutes are there, he doesnt kill percentages, and he should add bits and pieces to other categories. I think he has the upside for bigger nights with all his minutes. perhaps this recent shoulder stinger is a minor setback to his output. and the rockets have been a little garbage lately, When he was incorporated into the offense more they performed better so perhaps the coaching staff will recognize this and ask more of him/the team. Positive thoughts lol
  10. If im not mistaken, Oubre is out with a concussion and will be back in no time. Someone had to help fill the void. might be good for 14 team but id hold on him otherwise until more proof yah know
  11. As much as this pains my little heart to say. those two dont seem to have the body types to sustain a "1-2 punch for years to come". BI looks as brittle as a cigarette ash and Zion has too much gumbo on his frame. We cant forget that zion is human and throwing that amount of weight around at such force has to be brutal on his infrastructure. I hope that I am wrong. I hope that i am very wrong. Just like Tekno Team 2000 lmao
  12. The Grizzlies are on fire too! I do a little betting on games from time to time and Im taking the Grizzlies quite often lately. Theyre hungry.
  13. Cant believe they beat a super hot Utah last night. Without Reddick and Jrue to say the least. Once zion comes back and the team is healthy, theyre going to be pretty fun to watch.
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