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  1. "Backup QBs are meant to compliment the starter" What QB has Tyrod Taylor complimented since he's been out of Buffalo? Marcus Mariota doesn't compliment what Carr does at all. Furthermore he didn't even compliment Alex Smith.
  2. 1. Wins are not a QB stat. 2. Kaep was better than most backups in the league. 3. Kaep did it first and was *by far* the face of that movement and the most divisive. Faux-patriots weren’t boycotting the league because of Eric Reid they were doing it because of Colin Kaepernick. You can pretend that 49ers roster didn’t crater into oblivion if you wish (along with Jim Harbaugh and Greg Roman leaving) but I won’t.
  3. Wow 200 yards. Yeah man that’s such a massive drop off...*sarcasm*. He carried the ball roughly 20 fewer times. That matters soooo much more than him throwing 10 fewer TDs and their passing offense being less efficient than it was last year I suppose.
  4. Also we're talking about Fantasy right now, so the "you're paying too much attention to stats" thing is a weird comment. But even outside of that you're still not correct. He was still highly productive and efficient running the football.
  5. That has a lot more to do with how their passing offense regressed than what he didn't do as a runner. Lamar didn't have multiple games where he threw 4 or 5 TDs this past season. His rushing production didn't change that much, which is the context of this entire discussion. You're attributing the wrong reasons for why his fantasy value wasn't as high.
  6. Some of the better tight ends in recent memory got drafted after the 2nd round. George Kittle, Darren Waller, Mark Andrews, Travis Kelce, and Gronk was a 2nd rounder. I hope I'm wrong but Pitts *feels* like another in a long line of "generational" TE prospects who didn't do that much in the league. Who was the last 1st round TE who became a star? Was it Tony Gonzalez? Help me out here folks.
  7. It's not fair, and I agree with you, but I don't think Miami is gonna be thinking that way given how Justin Herbert performed and all of these young QBs having MVP level seasons short into their careers. The development timetable for young QBs is accelerated in today's game unfortunately and the tape doesn't lie. Tua has to get a lot better.
  8. Lamar rushed for the 3rd most yards in NFL history by a QB and missed a game and we're talking about he was way less productive rushing the ball lol.
  9. That's not why Kaep isn't in the league...lol
  10. Doesn’t apply to Kaepernick either. He lit the Packers up on the ground in the playoffs at Lambeau in 2013. Seattle in the NFC title game too. Kaep was still an effective runner his final season in the league.
  11. Lamar Jackson rushed for 1005 yards on 6.3 YPC and scored 7 TDs.
  12. Whether a team chooses offense or not depends on where the other team spots the ball. Also no team in the league has Patrick Mahomes others than the Chiefs. If a team chooses to spot the ball at the 10 yard line and you're the Denver Broncos you're probably gonna choose defense first.
  13. Completion % =/= Accuracy. Tua had low average depth of target and yards per completion (meaning he didn't push the ball downfield much at all), so his completion percentage doesn't mean much in that context. You can check pro football reference for this information. He also had one of the lowest depth adjusted accuracies in the NFL among starters and was terrible in the intermediate last season.
  14. I mean, Golladay might only catch one or two of those at most a game. And some games none. Daniel Jones is wasting Kenny Golladay if he can only hit him deep.
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