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  1. Is team 4 still available? Francis.pesasico@yahoo.com
  2. If abovementioned requirements were satisfied, kindly send invite to this mail. francis.pesasico@yahoo.com
  3. Hi, interested in joining for Free Yahoo NBA Dynasty Keeper Leagues. Preferably H2H. Replacement GM is fine too. Active owner here. Can someone help me out?
  4. francis.pesasico@yahoo.com if there's available team.
  5. Would like to take team B if available. francis.pesasico@yahoo.com
  6. Is there any team available? If yes, kindly send invite. francis.pesasico@yahoo.com
  7. This league is suited for my preference. If any manager wants out, I'm willing to take over/replace. Just email mep.pesasico@yahoo.com
  8. Starting new basketball league yahoo platform. It's a free league. Access link below: https://basketball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/nba/269785/invitation?key=7f3aa7cef268871d&ikey=93d821749f8b3a7e
  9. Interested. Can you send rosters? mep.pesasico@yahoo.com
  10. Is this team still available? I'm interested. mep.pesasico@yahoo.com
  11. Is this still available? I'm interested. mep.pesasico@yahoo.com
  12. Hi, are there any teams available? Committed owner here. Interested in team 2 or 3 if still available. mep.pesasico@yahoo.com
  13. Is this still available? I'm interested. mep.pesasico@yahoo.com
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