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  1. Hi! I want to join. I´ll take Cleveland if I can. My mail hyltorna@gmail.com /Stefan
  2. I know this is early but I´m looking for a realistic dynastyleague with salarys, contracts etc. I prefer it to be a startup league but I am interested in existing leagues too. Buy-in up to about $40. I´m 49 years old, live in Sweden and have been playing different types of fantasy for almost 10 years now, most football. My mail is hyltorna@gmail.com
  3. I would love to take the contender-team. My mail is hyltorna@gmail.com
  4. Are all spots taken? If not then I’m interested. My mail hyltorna@gmail.com
  5. I am also interested. hyltorna@gmail.com
  6. Hey John, I thought I want to do a hockey league too. Can I join? Stefan
  7. I want to join a dynasty startup-league. A keeper league would be fine too. I´m 49 years old and I´m from Sweden and have been playing different kinds of fantasy for lots of years now. My mail is hyltorna@gmail.com Stefan
  8. I want to be part of a startup dynasty league with a setup that´s as realistic as possible with salarys, contracts etc. I´m 49 years old, live in Sweden and love the game of baseball. I want to to be a part of building something for the long run. hyltorna@gmail.com
  9. Hi John, I just made an application (again), hope you give me a new chance! Stefan
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